Geek Vape AEGIS HERO Pod Mod Kit


Elevate your vaping experience with the Geek Vape AEGIS HERO Pod. Our Dallas Vape Juice Shop proudly presents this sleek and powerful pod mod kit. Enjoy the perfect balance of portability and performance with its 1200mAh battery and 45W output. This top-airflow device ensures a smooth draw, while the top-fill design simplifies refills. Discover the ideal blend of style and functionality. Buy your AEGIS Hero today and unlock a new level of satisfaction. Embrace the vaping hero within you!

Aegis Hero Kit


The Aegis Hero is available in Black, Blue, Gunmetal, Rainbow, Red, and Silver.


What’s In The Box?

1 x Aegis Hero Kit

1 x Aegis Hero Pod

1 x Aegis B Boost Coil (0.4 Ohm)

1 x Aegis B Boost Coil (0.6 Ohm)

1 x Aegis Hero 510 Drip Tip

1 x Aegis B Boost Coil Tool

1 x USB Charging Cable

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Introducing the Geek Vape AEGIS HERO Pod Mod Kit, a revolutionary addition to our curated selection at the Dallas Vape Juice Shop. Designed to redefine your vaping experience, this cutting-edge device seamlessly combines power, innovation, and portability.

Aegis Hero Kit

At the heart of the AEGIS HERO is a robust 1200mAh battery, providing sustained power for extended vaping sessions. With a maximum output of 45 watts, it strikes the perfect balance between performance and efficiency. The device’s sleek design and durable construction make it an ideal companion for both novices and seasoned vapers.

What sets the AEGIS HERO apart is its top airflow system, which allows for a smooth and controlled draw with every puff. The adjustable wattage feature ensures that you have full control over your vaping experience, catering to your personal preferences. Compatible with the G Coil Boost Series, this pod mod kit delivers exceptional flavor and vapor production, elevating your enjoyment to new heights.

The convenience of the top-fill design makes refilling a breeze, reducing downtime between sessions. Whether you’re a flavor chaser or cloud enthusiast, the AEGIS HERO is versatile enough to meet your vaping needs.

Unleash your inner hero and explore the world of vaping with confidence. The AEGIS HERO’s intelligent design includes safety features, making it a reliable choice for daily use. The ergonomic shape ensures a comfortable grip, allowing you to savor your favorite e-juices without compromising on comfort.

In our Dallas Vape Juice Shop, we prioritize offering the best in the vaping world, and the Geek Vape AEGIS HERO Pod Mod Kit is no exception. Buy the AEGIS Hero today to experience a perfect blend of power, innovation, and style, redefining your vaping journey. Elevate your vaping game with the Geek Vape AEGIS HERO, where performance meets portability.

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